The Mediterranean Information System on Environment and Development (SIMEDD) aims to:
  • Gather the data used in the Plan Bleu studies and reports;
  • Give access to the data and their sources to the Plan Bleu experts and to the general public.

The interface developed in French/English allows the access to statistical data as tables and graphs and to a library of predefined products (tables, graphs and maps). These data will be documented as much as possible by metadata for specifying the production modes and the conditions of utilisation of these data.

The main SIMEDD specificities are:

  • The thematic coverage based on the Plan Bleu analysis framework crosscutting sustainable development issues and themes.
  • The geographical coverage focused on the Mediterranean Basin according different levels, from the international to the local level via the national level, the watersheds, the coast, etc.
  • The time coverage with annual time series, retrospective from 1950 and future time series to horizons such as 2025, 2050 and 2100 ;
  • The multiplicity of the data sources: international, national and local institutions and expertises. These data sources are directly accessible via the metadata.

The queries allow the data selection according sustainable development issues and themes; the variables, the sources, the geographical levels and entities and the whished years interval.

The outputs of the queries, tables and graphs, can be presented according different axes: variables, sources, years and exported to the usual formats, respectively csv and png.


More information

SIMEDD website is currently under maintenance; it will be soon online.


Jean-Pierre Giraud