Mediterranean woodlands: diverse and multifunctional ecosystems to be preserved

Strengthen forest strategies in partner countries and develop new indicators on the sustainable management of goods and services.

Forests as a source of multiple goods and services

Mediterranean woodlands play an essential role in maintaining biological diversity and landscapes’ quality and contribute to the regulation of natural cycles, at both:

  • Local level: availability and quality of water resources, soil protection,
  • Global level: carbon storage.

Wooded ecosystems are necessary to the daily life of Mediterranean populations as producers of renewable resources. Woodlands - which are constantly interacting with agriculture, stock farming, crafts, industry, urban planning and leisure activities - are at the basis of activities and generate incomes. However they are under strong pressures (overgrazing, fire risk, fuelwood collection, urbanization, …).

A regional partnership to strengthen forest cooperation

Plan Bleu’s « forest » activities are carried out in the framework of the Collaborative Partnership Mediterranean Forests (CPMF), which actually gathers six countries (Algeria, Morocco, Lebanon, Tunisia, Turkey and Syria), and AIFM, AFD/FGEF, CIHEAM, COFOR-International, CTFC, EFIMED, GIZ, IUCN-Med, MAAF, the Global Mechanism, MMFN, ONF-I, Plan Bleu, the Secretariat of FAO Committee Silva Mediterranea, TIKA, UNDP-Turkey, WWF-MedPo.

This partnership aims to encourage and facilitate the implementation of sustainable forest management and the protection of goods and services provided in the partner countries in a context of climatic change.

In the framework of this partnership, Mediterranean forests will be represented for the first time at international level at the World Forestry Congress in Durban, in September 2015.

A regional cooperation initiative

In 2013, Plan Bleu has contributed to the first state of Mediterranean forests, to the strategic framework on Mediterranean forests, and to the organization committee of the 3d Mediterranean Forest Week.

Project ownership, named « Optimizing the production of goods and services by Mediterranean forests in a context of global changes », has been jointly entrusted to Plan Bleu and FAO (Secretariat of Silva Mediterranea) and funded by the French Global Environment Facility (FGEF) over the period 2011-2016.


Key figures

25.5 million hectares of Mediterranean forests, over 50 million hectares of other wooded lands

Nearly 2 million hectares of primary forests and 14 million hectares of forest plantations

«Hot spots» of biodiversity in the world: 10% of the global biodiversity of flowering plants, of which more than half endemic

10% of forest areas protected; 3% in the south of the Mediterranean

The first region of cork production in the world


Secretariat of FAO Committee Silva Mediterranea
Agence française de développement
French Global Environment Facility
German Cooperation (GIZ) (in French)
French Ministry of Agriculture, Agrifood and Forestry

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