Documents - Workshop SPI March 2017

Report of the meeting

Provisional agenda

Provisional annotated agenda

Provisional list of participants

Summary document on Risk-based approach for marine monitoring

Background document on Risk-Based Approach (RBA) and its usefulness for EcAp and IMAP

Outcomes of previous SPI Workshops

Provisional list of documents


UN Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan Ecosystem Approach and State of Play of EcAp-MEDII Project, Gyorgyi Gurban, UNEP/MAP

Supporting monitoring with data, models and dissemination platforms, Pascal Peduzzi, UNEP

JRC's experiences on RBA for Biodiversity within the frame of the implementation of the MSFD: General methodology and concepts of RBA, A.Palialexis, JRC

Issues to be addressed for the implementation of IMAP at the national level in relation to RBA, Carla Murciano, Plan Bleu

How to address research needs for the marine litter and micro litter indicator related to biota, François Galgani, IFREMER

Monitoring alien invasions and impacts, Stelios Katsanevakis, University of the Aegean

Risk Based Approach for monitoring to Marine litter, coastal georisks, biodiversity and fish stocks. State of play and perspectives in Algeria, Samir Grimes, National High School of Marine Sciences and Coastal Management

EcAp EO7 & Common Indicator 15. Link to the usefulness of RBA for hydrography & coast monitoring, Claudette Spiteri, Deltares

An exposure-effect approach for evaluating ecosystem-wide risks from human activities: the experience of the ODEMM project, Antony M. Knights, Marine Biology and Ecology Research Centre

The implementation of a joint marine monitoring for the Mediterranean: experiences from the IRIS-SES Project, Kaliopi Pagou, IRIS-SES Consortium