Seminar on best practices in the yachting sector

Plan Bleu participated in the thematic seminar of the iBLUE project on best practices in the yachting sector, held in Lisbon, Portugal, on September 18, 2018. The seminar was organized by RCDI (development and innocation network), with the collaboration of the main partner of iBlue project (University of Udine) and of the horizontal project InnoBlueGrowth (represented by Plan Bleu). Public entities, SMEs and professional associations participated in the event to share and discuss their experiences on good sustainability practices in the yachting sector, considering the economic, social and environmental aspects of sustainability.

The main objective of iBlue project (2017-2020) is to develop a business model methodology for SMEs and professional organizations involved in the entire chain of yachting activities (manufacturing, service and infrastructure). This methodology will be tested on an SME or professional organization in each partner country of the project from October 2018 (Albania, Cyprus, Croatia, Spain, Greece, Italy, Portugal, Slovenia).

Blue growth and the InnoBlueGrowth community, presentation of  Kelly Fouchy, Project Officer "Water and wetlands" at Plan Bleu 

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