Integrated Coastal Zone Management (ICZM)

Promoting sustainable management of the sea and coastal zones and taking urgent action to put an end to the degradation of coastal zones” were recognised by MSSD 1.0 as one of the priority fields of action in the Mediterranean (Ch. 2.7). The adoption of the ICZM Protocol is a fully achieved policy-objective of MSSD 1.0. Signed in 2008 by 15 Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention, it entered into force in 2011, today accounting for 9 ratifications (8 Mediterranean states and EU). The Action Plan for its implementation in 2012-2019 was adopted at the COP17 (Paris, February 2012). Both the Protocol itself and the Action Plan reflect and integrate the objectives, orientations and actions set in the MSSD 1.0 for the coastal zones. Principles and objectives of ICZM are clearly stated in the Protocol while specific actions to be undertaken by the CPs in collaboration with UNEP/MAP and PAP/RAC in particular are listed in the Action Plan

Key documents

Protocol on integrated coastal zone management in the Mediterranean (English, French, Spanish, Arab)

Adoption of the Action Plan for the implementation of the ICZM Protocol for the Mediterranean (2012-2019)

A contribution to the interpretation of legal aspects of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean

Guidelines for the preparation of National ICZM Strategies




ICZM Process - a Roadmap towards Coastal Sustainability

Plan Bleu "Coastal area" activities