A systemic and prospective sustainability analysis within the Šibenik-Knin County (Croatia)


The “Climagine” Croatia activity focused on the analysis of climate variability and change projections and potential impacts of climate change in the Šibenik-Knin County coastal zone.

Expérience tunisienne pour faire face à la Variabilité et au Changement Climatique en Zones Côtières. Rapport national


Ce rapport a pour objectif de présenter une synthèse bibliographique des précédents rapports, études et stratégies nationaux élaborés au sujet du changement climatique et des zones côtières tunisiennes. Il présente les caractéristiques des zones côtières de la Tunisie, les pressions et les répercussions du phénomène du changement climatique auxquelles elles sont soumises et l’expérience dont bénéficie le pays en matière de gestion de ces zones en termes d’adaptation au changement climatique.

Identify a set of climate variability and change indicators


The purpose of the respective study is to define of a regional core set of indicators to monitor climate change effects on coastal zones. To do so, a top down and a bottom up approach are to be used.

Climate risk management in the Mediterranean. Climate services: a decision support tool for adaptation


The Mediterranean region is already particularly vulnerable to climate variability and extreme events. This region is also expected to be one of the most prominent climate change “hot spot”. The development of climate services in the Mediterranean basin is of major importance for the promotion of sustainable development in this region.

Ecological services provided by wetlands on climate change adaptation


This report is the first step of Plan bleu’s project launched in 2013 – in partnership with Tour du Valat - on the economic valuation of ecological services provided by wetlands in conjunction with climate change in the Mediterranean Basin. The overall goal of this project – through the valorization of services provided by wetlands – is to facilitate taking into consideration these ecosystems in national climate change adaptation policies or strategies.