Technical workshop on water integrated management indicators

09/30/2013 to 10/01/2013

This workshop was organized by Plan Bleu in partnership with EMWIS and UfM in the framework of the regional project “Creating Shared National Water Data Management Systems towards a Mediterranean Water Knowledge Hub”, led by the International Office for Water.

Two partners of this project, Plan Bleu and EMWIS are implementing one preliminary activity of this project in 2013 in parallel to the preparation to the UfM label. The objective was to make an assessment of indicators used for Integrated water resources management in four pilot countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia) as well as in the framework of international initiative acting the Mediterranean area.

This technical workshop had three objectives:

  1. To present a review of the existing situation and needs in terms of IWRM indicators in the Mediterranean region, and specifically in 4 pilot countries (Jordan, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia) involved in this project;
  2. To agree on the most suitable priority IWRM indicators that could be applied at the national level with possible aggregation at international level;
  3. To identify the related requirements for the National water information system in terms of data management.

The workshop gathered 20 participants including 8 representatives from pilot countries responsible for IWRM, and representatives from the main international organizations and initiatives concerned with water issues and related indicators (Arab League, CEDARE/AMCOW, CMI, EEA, IME, MedPol, MENBO, OZHM-Tour du Valat, UNEP-MAP).

Debates highlighted the difficulty of developing a common set of IWRM-related indicators between the four pilot countries, given the diversity of hydroclimatic contexts and the lack of homogeneity of available raw data. On the basis of relevance, measurability and understandability criteria, representatives from countries  will continue up to end of October 2013 the selection process of indicators among the 117 pre-identified indicators. On this basis, Plan Bleu will propose a common set of about ten indicators. Technical visits in pilot countries will make it possible to identify data needed for the calculation of priority indicators as well as institutions and actors which will be able to provide these data on a regular basis.

The results of this work will be provided in a final report published in early 2014 and will be used as the baseline for the setting-up of a Mediterranean Water Knowledge Hub. This action also aims to facilitate monitoring of Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development (MSSD) and its outputs will feed the MSSD revision process planned in 2014 and 2015.

Report of the Worshop


Indicators for Integrated Water Resources Management, Céline Dubreuil-Imbert  
Overview of existing indicators systems on water issues, Communication of Jean-Pierre Giraud 
Integrated Water Resources Management: Programs and Plans (Jordan), Mohammed Bany-Mustafa 
Cas du Maroc, Charaf El Hebil 
Indicateurs De Gestion intégrée des Ressources en Eau (GIRE) en Tunisie, Rekaya Moncef 
IWRM framework & water management system (Lebanon), Mona Fakih, Abbas Fayad

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