Internal seminar on prospective


For the last 30 years the prospective has been at the core of Plan Bleu’s activities, and its works on this issue have been rich, many and various, being sectoral, local, regional, integrated, participatory and/or model-based…While several prospective exercises are currently engaged on the Mediterranean, Plan Bleu has been holding in Marseilles, on 2 February 2011, an in-house reflection seminar on this subject to:

  • Recall Plan Bleu’s history on prospective
  • Understand the methodological choices made in the framework of regional prospective and assess the alternative choices
  • Comprehend the « Imagine » method and debate on the ways to make improvement in order to face the limits that were identified in the 2008 seminar (such as the lack of operational translation of the coastal planning programmes)
  • Precise the possible articulations between what can be describe as “local participatory prospective” and “regional modeling prospective”.

This seminar, opened to Plan Bleu’s experts, benefitted from the insight provided by Hugues de Jouvenel, General Director of Futuribles’ Group and Sébastien Treyer, IDDRI’s programmes director. It allowed for a real collaborative work based on Plan Bleu’s previous works on one hand, and on the various experiences and skills of the participants on the other hand.


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