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Press Releases and Press Kits

Press Release 21 January 2019 : Nature as a solution to respond to climate change challenges

Press Release 27 November 2018: Mediterranean forest area on the rise but increasingly in jeopardy

Press Release 5 June 2018: The fragility of the Mediterranean region and the multiple pressures that it undergo call for the stakeholders’ mobilization

Press Kit 5 June 2018: Colloque international L’environnement et le développement en Méditerranée, hier, aujourd’hui, demain : les enjeux environnementaux de la Méditerranée sont-ils suffisamment pris en compte ? 

Press Release 29 May 2018: Invitation au colloque international L’environnement et le développement en Méditerranée, hier, aujourd’hui, demain : les enjeux environnementaux de la Méditerranée sont-ils suffisamment pris en compte ?

Press Release 31 May 2017: Economie bleue en Méditerranée


Articles published in the press

Overview "Environmental and development issues" in partnership with more than thirty papers published since 2010. Please find below the recent articles published:

What does the future hold for the Mediterranean in 2050? - 16/03/2018
The Mediterranean under surveillance - 01/03/2018
Public/private partnerships for sustainable tourism - 07/02/2018
Developing cooperation through integrated management of coastal areas - 18/10/2017
Sustainable tourism - Towards a strategic regional framework in the Mediterranean - 25/07/2017
An Award for Environment Friendly Coastal Cities - 13/06/2017
Blue economy shows enormous potential in Mediterranean - 09/06/2017
Mediterranean Sea – marine and coastal ecosystems under scrutiny monitor - 22/03/2017
Extending public-private partnerships to protected area management - 16/02/2017
A Blue Economy Initiative for the Western Mediterranean basin - 08/02/2017
Interreg Med banking on community action - 16/01/2017
See the previous papers...

Local governance: issues and methods, Forêt méditerranéenne n°3, septembre 2017

Un manque d’eau de plus en plus critique, La Croix, 4 April 2017

Adaptation of Mediterranean Coastal Zones to the Impacts of Climate Change: The Plan Bleu Tools, IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2016

Adoption of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025: Investing in environmental sustainability to achieve social and economic development. CIHEAM Watch Letter n°37, September 2016

Assessment of Pollution Reduction Programmes in the Mediterranean Region, IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2015 

Mobilité urbaine dans les villes méditerranéennes : des enjeux clés pour leur avenir,  Accomex n° 104, June 2012

L’efficacité énergétique dans le bâtiment en Méditerranée. Futuribles, n° 376, July 2011