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Press Releases and Press Kits

Press Release 21 January 2019 : Nature as a solution to respond to climate change challenges

Press Release 27 November 2018: Mediterranean forest area on the rise but increasingly in jeopardy

Press Release 5 June 2018: The fragility of the Mediterranean region and the multiple pressures that it undergo call for the stakeholders’ mobilization

Press Kit 5 June 2018: Colloque international L’environnement et le développement en Méditerranée, hier, aujourd’hui, demain : les enjeux environnementaux de la Méditerranée sont-ils suffisamment pris en compte ? 

Press Release 29 May 2018: Invitation au colloque international L’environnement et le développement en Méditerranée, hier, aujourd’hui, demain : les enjeux environnementaux de la Méditerranée sont-ils suffisamment pris en compte ?

Press Release 31 May 2017: Economie bleue en Méditerranée


Articles published in the press

Méditerranée : Faire face à une eau de plus en plus rare est l’un des plus grands défis, Ecomnews Med, 22/03/2019

Overview "Environmental and development issues" in partnership with more than thirty papers published since 2010. Please find below the recent articles published:

What does the future hold for the Mediterranean in 2050? - 16/03/2018
The Mediterranean under surveillance - 01/03/2018
Public/private partnerships for sustainable tourism - 07/02/2018
Developing cooperation through integrated management of coastal areas - 18/10/2017
Sustainable tourism - Towards a strategic regional framework in the Mediterranean - 25/07/2017
An Award for Environment Friendly Coastal Cities - 13/06/2017
Blue economy shows enormous potential in Mediterranean - 09/06/2017
Mediterranean Sea – marine and coastal ecosystems under scrutiny monitor - 22/03/2017
Extending public-private partnerships to protected area management - 16/02/2017
A Blue Economy Initiative for the Western Mediterranean basin - 08/02/2017
Interreg Med banking on community action - 16/01/2017
See the previous papers...

Local governance: issues and methods, Forêt méditerranéenne n°3, septembre 2017

Un manque d’eau de plus en plus critique, La Croix, 4 April 2017

Adaptation of Mediterranean Coastal Zones to the Impacts of Climate Change: The Plan Bleu Tools, IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2016

Adoption of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development 2016-2025: Investing in environmental sustainability to achieve social and economic development. CIHEAM Watch Letter n°37, September 2016

Assessment of Pollution Reduction Programmes in the Mediterranean Region, IEMed Mediterranean Yearbook 2015 

Mobilité urbaine dans les villes méditerranéennes : des enjeux clés pour leur avenir,  Accomex n° 104, June 2012

L’efficacité énergétique dans le bâtiment en Méditerranée. Futuribles, n° 376, July 2011