Jean-Pierre Giraud

Indicators and information systems

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Jean-Pierre Giraud, PhD in Applied Mathematics, joined Plan Bleu in 1983 as Assistant of the Scientific Director. He is now in charge of the activities related to indicators and information system. 

He contributed to the major Plan Bleu projects and publications such as future studies, environment and development outlooks, etc. He worked on many aspects related to information systems, GIS, data management, indicators, modelling and scenario building. He contributed to the coastal area management programs (ICZM) mainly in the indicators related activities and participative approach (Imagine). He has a lot of experience in the cooperation with the Mediterranean countries for the creation of the national observatories on environment and sustainable development, Sustainable Development indicators, State of Environment Reports, environment statistics (via the MEDSTAT-Environment program on statistical cooperation), etc.

He participated in the FP7 PEGASO project who aimed to support integrated policies for the coastal, marine and maritime realms of the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins. Recently he contributed to the ENPI-SEIS (Shared Environmental Information System) project led by EEA and MED POL. He was leader of the World Bank “Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation” Project during the last year of the project. He is now leader of  the project “blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean” and he is also in charge of monitoring of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development.