Dr Céline Dubreuil


Tel: +33 (0)6 43 08 30 15
email : cdubreuil@planbleu.org

Céline Dubreuil is responsible for preparing and monitoring the portfolio of projects related to water management in the Mediterranean.  Five projects are currently in progress :

  • «Assessment of the ecosystem services  provided by wetlands in terms of climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean» in partnership with Tour du Valat ;
  • «Water and energy in the Mediterranean: Assessment of the energy cost of non-conventional water production and related energy trends», in partnership with OME and IME ;
  • «Decision-making aid for local authorities in determining different water demand management (WDM) options» in partnership with CMI;
  • « Regional synthesis on economic approach to water demand management in the Mediterranean : Chapter on economic instruments for WDM » in partnership with AFD and CMI ;
  • Contribution to the regional project on creating shared national water information system towards a Mediterranean water knowledge hub, in partnership with EMWIS.

Céline Dubreuil has 12 years’ experience in the water sector, beginning in oceanographic research then in water international politics. Holding a Ph.D. in marine environmental sciences and a MA in Environmental decisions and policies, she worked eight years for the World Water Council on different issues such as the right to water or the strengthening of local governments’ capacities in the management of water and sanitation services. Thereafter, she coordinated the political process of Local and Regional authorities for two World Water Fora (Istanbul, 2009 and Marseille, 2012). Since May 2012, she joined the Plan Bleu as water programme officer.