Didier Sauzade

Sea, ecosystem approach

Plan Bleu
Villa Valmer
271 Corniche Kennedy
13007 Marseille, France 
Tel: +33 (0)4 84 08 00 52
Email : dsauzade@planbleu.org

Graduated engineer in 1974 from ENSTA (Paris) in maritime engineering, with a parallel training in economics, Didier Sauzade first had a career in the oil industry. He joined Ifremer in 1983 where he held various positions, first in engineering then as head of a Coastal Laboratory of the Mediterranean Centre. He has participated in and directed multiple research and development projects (underwater vehicles, embarked sonar system, coastal protection technology, monitoring of coastal and marine environment). Since  2009, he is partly seconded to Plan Bleu in the framework of a partnership Ifremer Plan Bleu, as head of the Marine Environment program.