Interviews on the benefits and challenges of nature-based solutions

Find below the interviews conducted during the International Workshop "Implementation of Nature Based Solutions to tackle climate change: Focus on the Mediterranean region".

Hosted by the city of Marseille and co-organized by Plan Bleu, IUCN - Center for Mediterranean Cooperation, IUCN French Committee, Conservatoire du Littoral, Tour du Valat, MedWet and Wetlands International, this workshop discussed the benefits and challenges of implementing nature-based solutions, sharing European and Mediterranean best practices, and raising awareness among policymakers of the importance of ecosystem health for effective adaptation to climate change. 


Fabrice Bernard, Delegate Europe and International, Conservatoire du Littoral

Bernard Cressens, Chairman of the IUCN French Committee

Yann Laurans, Director of Biodiversity and Ecosystems Programme, IDDRI

Puri Canals, Chairman of MedPAN

Jean Jalbert, Director-General, Tour du Valat

Gilles Kleitz, Director Ecological Transition and Natural Resources, AFD

Mohamed Endichi, Director of the Fight Against Desertification and Nature Protection, High Commission for Water and Forests and the Fight against Desertification (HCEFLCD), Morocco 

Didier Réault, Deputy Mayor, Delegate to the Sea, Coastline, Nautism and Beaches, City of Marseille

Antonio Troya, Director, IUCN Centre for Mediterranean Cooperation