International workshop Water and Climate

In the run-up to COP23 and World Water Forum, Seine-Normandy water agency and French Development Agency (AFD) organize from September 20th to 22nd, 2017 an international water and climate workshop on ‘Ecological engineering and climate risks’.

Professionals and decision makers in water, urban planning, development and biodiversity fields, come and exchange views on ‘Nature based solutions’ to reduce water-related natural risks (floods, droughts, erosion…).

Water scarcity, the multiplication of extreme events and the rising of the sea level threat ecosystems and people. Promoting green solutions, with ‘no regret’ and multifunctional to maximize ecosystems services and strengthen the protective abilities of environments are key challenges to face climate change.

The exchanges resulting from the workshop will be showcased at COP23 and World Water Forum and will contribute to enrich initiatives on French rivers basins to adapt to climate change.

With round tables, projects presentations, working groups and fields visits, you will identify obstacles and incentives to develop ecological engineering solutions and share experiences and good practices from French and international projects.

Céline Dubreuil, Plan Bleu's Programme Officer "Water and climate change", will present a Croatian case study of Med-ESCWET project.