What prospects for the Mediterranean?


On December 5th, 2016, 23 Mediterranean foresight experts gathered in the premises of CIHEAM in Paris for a workshop aiming at exploring possible approaches and modalities for a new foresight exercise on environment and development in the Mediterranean. The workshop was co-organized by IPEMED, currently considering to carry out a critical review or update of its previous foresight exercises, and Plan Bleu, currently preparing to launch a new foresight project to explore future prospects of the Mediterranean by 2050.

Te preparation of this new Plan Bleu project is following two important prospective reports published by Plan Bleu, in particular "The Blue Plan: Futures for the Mediterranean Basin" (1989) and "A sustainable future for the Mediterranean: The Blue Plan’s Environment and Development Outlook" (2005).

The workshop provided an initial panorama of prospective exercises carried out by the various partners and participants throughout the last few years and allowed to draw lessons for the preparation of a new exercise. Participants also discussed the different prospective methods as well as the main critical issues and themes to be included in a new study and debated on possible partnerships.

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