Second capitalisation event of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community

11/20/2018 to 11/21/2018

The second capitalisation event of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community took place on 20-21 November 2018 in Marseille (France). Organized by Plan Bleu, this event gathered more than 60 participants, representatives of the 14 projects of the community, as well as sustainable tourism experts, to work within 4 thematic workshops:

  • Workshop 1: Monitoring the sustainability of tourism: what are the knowledge gaps of policy-making processes? How to bridge the data gaps on tourism?
  • Workshop 2: Reducing the environmental-cultural-social impacts of tourism in the Mediterranean region
  • Workshop 3: Tourism as a strategic driver for a sustainable and responsible economic growth and prosperity in the Mediterranean region
  • Workshop 4: Governance mechanisms to engage and to include a wide variety of stakeholders in a more sustainable and responsible tourism.

Together, and thanks to open and constructive exchanges, they have been able to disseminate and capitalise about the results of their projects, paving the way for the elaboration of political recommendations on coastal and maritime Mediterranean sustainable tourism. Hence, the issues, political targets and key messages to be put forward were defined.

The capitalisation event was also a good opportunity to create synergies between the projects, by sharing knowledge, experiences and best practices, between the key players of the sustainable tourism in the Mediterranean Sea.

The participants will now work on the first results before meeting for webinars in february 2019, and then for the third capitalisation event of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community in Dubrovnik (Croatia) on the 27th and 28th of March 2019.



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