Mid-term workshop and public hearing of the biodiversity protection community

12/04/2018 to 12/05/2018

The Mid-term workshop and public hearing of the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community featured by the PANACeA project will take place in Brussels, 4th and 5th December 2018. The aim is to transfer the lessons learnt by the Community of Interreg Med Biodiversity Protection projects and protected areas to a wider audience, in particular EU, Mediterranean and national policy makers, public authorities, environmental organizations and territorial cooperation institutions. 

The preparatory workshop "Ecosystem based approach: benefits for people and nature" will gather 11 projects on biodiversity protection from the Interreg Med programme to present and support the transferability of their results to a wider audience including external environmental actors, policy-makers and scientists.

The second day, together with the SEArica Intergroup, the public hearing "Mediterranean ecosystems in danger: Enhancing EU policy response" will discuss solutions to conserve biodiversity and increase the resilience of natural resources in the Mediterranean Sea. This event will encourage a stronger commitment of all stakeholders for a better understanding and application of an ecosystem-based management in the development and implementation of policies at all levels.


Agenda of 5th December

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