Kick-off workshop of the Med-ESCWET project on the Lonjsko Polje floodplain pilot site (Croatia)


To raise the awareness of policy makers on wetlands importance in adaptation to climate change, Plan Bleu initiated the Med-ESCWET project on "economic valuation of ecosystem services provided by wetlands in the context of climate change in the Mediterranean", in partnership with Tour du Valat. This project seeks to economically assess these services to inform decision-making process.
Following the first meeting of the Steering Committee of Med-ESCWET project in May 2015, four Mediterranean pilot areas have been selected for an economic valuation of a regulation ecosystem service related to adaptation to climate change, including Lonjsko Polje floodplain for the flood control service. This local study is carried out in partnership with WWF Adria.

The Lonjsko Polje floodplain kick-off workshop, that was held in Zagreb on February 3rd 2016, had the overall objective to inform and raise awareness among all stakeholders involved in the management of Lonjsko Polje floodplain on the content and the course of the study carried out on this pilot area, in order to facilitate the implementation of activities on ground.



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