Inception workshop "Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach in the Mediterranean: strengthening the science-policy

12/15/2015 to 12/16/2015

In the framework of the EU EcAp MED project, the inception workshop of the Science-Policy interface’s action fostered the exchange of information between scientists and policy makers and highlighted the key policy challenges requiring scientific inputs in relation to monitoring, environmental assessment and new measures.

The workshop, which was held on 15th-16th December 2015 at Plan Bleu’s premises in Sophia-Antipolis, was the opportunity:

  • To agree on a list of key scientific gaps to be filled as a priority for the implementation of the planned Integrated Monitoring Assessment Programme (IMAP) being developed by UNEP/MAP;
  • To discuss and agree on key action points related to the identified gaps allowing the scientific community to contribute effectively to the policy processes;
  • To identify key relevant projects and research institutions around the Mediterranean, with the view of creating a network that can have an active role in the implementation of IMAP at various scales;
  • To provide recommendations on the objectives and methods for the following workshops.

EcAp science-policy interface (SPI) Brief

Report of the workshop

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