Documents - Inception workshop EcAp

List of participants
Provisional annotated agenda 
EcAp Science policy interface inception meeting, working document


Synthesis of the Inception workshop, Didier Sauzade
STAGES Science in support to MSFD - COLUMBUS Knowledge transfer for blue growth, Rosa Fernandez & Marisa Fernandez
Science in policy-making, Anil Markandya
DEVOTES project: Developing tools for understanding marine biodiversity, assessing environmental status and assisting policy implementation. Angel Borja
Implementation of the Ecosystem Approach in the Mediterranean: strengthening the Science-Policy Interface. Didier Sauzade
Getting more from the science and policy relationship - the SPIRAL project. Estelle Balian
EU PERSEUS Project Activities to Strengthen Marine Environmental SPI in the Mediterranean. Vangelis Papathanassiou
The IRIS-SES experience on Science-Policy Interface. Kalliopi Pagou
MERMAID - Marine Environmental targets linked to Regional Management schemes based on Indicators Developed for the Mediterranean. Helen Kaberi
EMODnet: The Mediterranean Checkpoint: status of development. Sofia Reizopoulou
Two worlds apart. Frédéric Briand
Lessons from CoCoNet. Ferdinando Boero
The Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) and IMAP. Virginie Hart

Reference documents on EcAp/ IMAP and measures

Draft Decision IG.22/7 Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast and Related Assessment Criteria UNEP(DEPI)/MED WG.421/26/Annex IV/Appendix.10
Draft Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Guidance 
Draft Ecosystem Approach based Measures Gap Analysis 
UNEP/MAP, PERSEUS, 2014, Informal Summary of the EcAp Biodiversity Scientific Expert Workshop

Further readings

  • EU STAGES project (Connecting Science to Policy for Healthy Seas) most relevant reports

Science policy brief on the needs for further research
Workshop report on: The identification of research needs with regard to the implementation of Monitoring programmes

  • EU SPIRAL project (Interfacing Biodiversity and Policies)

The SPIRAL Handbook - Science Policy Interface (SPI) What are they?