4th Steering Committee meeting of the regional project funded by FFEM on Mediterranean forests

From the 26th to the 31st of January 2015 in Rabat, Morocco, Plan Bleu will co-animate this meeting in close collaboration with the secretariat of the FAO Silva Mediterranea Committee, with whom it shares the coordination of the project. This meeting will be the opportunity for the Steering Committee members (partner countries i.e. Algeria, Lebanon, Morocco, Tunisia and Turkey, as well as donors) to review the activities implemented in 2014.

4th Mediterranean Forest Week, 17-20 March 2015

Plan Bleu, along with its regional partners, is committed to organising a Mediterranean Forest Week every two years in a member country. the Spanish authorities welcome this fourth edition in Barcelona focusing on the following issue: “Improving livelihoods: the role of Mediterranean forest value chains in a green economy”. The Mediterranean Forest Week has been conceived as a common regional platform for cooperation on Mediterranean forests.

Conference on the Review of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development, 17-18 February 2015, Malta

The Maltese Government will kindly host the Conference on the Review of the Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development on February 17 and 18, 2015. The aim will be to discuss the draft reviewed Strategy document “MSSD 2.0” with stakeholders before it is submitted for the endorsement of the 16th Meeting of the Mediterranean Commission on Sustainable Development (Morocco, mid-June 2015).

Second meeting of the Correspondence Group on the Economic and Social Analysis, including outcomes of the National pilot cases of the Regoko Project

To strengthen synergy needs among different scales of analysis, the meeting presented also preliminary outcomes of three National pilot cases i.e. Lebanon, Morocco and Tunisia, conducted in the framework of the Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project (Regoko).


6th meeting of the Coordination Group of the MedPartnership/ClimVar project

Barcelona, 4-5 November 2014: During this meeting, representatives of the executing partners presented the progress of their activities within the 4 components of the project. A complete session was also dedicated to the sister project on climate variability and change and integrated costal zone management (ICZM), whose Plan Bleu is an executive partner.
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8th Mediterranean Economic Week: tourism, vehicle for economic development in the Mediterranean

The 8th edition of Mediterranean Economic Week was held in Marseille from 5 to 8 November 2014. It focused on "tourism, vehicle for economic development in the Mediterranean".
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Workshops on Spatial Data Infrastructure (SDI) / MedICIP plateform and setback zone calculation

Istanbul, 7-9 October 2014 : within the framework of MedPartnership / ClimVar project, Plan Bleu participated in three trainings in Istanbul with a delegation of thirty experts from Montenegro, Bosnia & Herzegovina, Croatia, Libya, Turkey, Palestine and Egypt.
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Celebration of the Coastday 2014

Tunis, 25 September 2014: Plan Bleu has attended the celebration of the Coastday; this 8th edition was held under the theme of climate variability and change with the slogan: "A good climate for change."
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Our events

Regional workshop on water demand management in the Mediterranean

In the framework of the 2nd Mediterranean Water Forum (Murcia, Spain, 25-27 November 2014), Plan Bleu, AFD and CMi organize a workshop on water demand management (WDM). The overall objective of the workshop is to support the Mediterranean countries in water demand management policies’ development and adaptation.
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Monitoring climate variability and change in coastal zones: Regional workshop for technical validation of a core set of indicators

Sophia Antipolis (France), 20-21 November 2014: in the framework of the project "Integration of climatic variability and change into national strategies to implement the ICZM Protocol in the Mediterranean", Plan Bleu organized a regional workshop.
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MSSD Review: Consultation workshop of working groups 1, 2, 3 and 4

Sophia Antipolis, 19-20 November 2014: In the framework of MSSD review, and in close collaboration with the Coordination Unit of the Mediterranean Action Plan, Plan Bleu organized a consultation workshop for working groups 1, 2 and 4.
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9th Project Steering Committee meeting of the Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project

Marseille, 8-9 October 2014: Organized by Plan Bleu, the 9th Steering Committee meeting of the Regional – Governance and Knowledge generation Project, took place at the Center for Mediterranean Integration (CMI).
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Recent publications

Approche économique de la gestion de la demande en eau en Méditerranée : instruments économiques

Gérer la demande en eau impose d’élargir le champ d’analyse des facteurs déterminants de la demande, afin de cibler l’application des instruments économiques pour répondre aux enjeux clés de la gestion de l’eau, en cohérence avec les politiques et instruments sectoriels.
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Methods and tools for socio-economic assessment of goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems

Plan Bleu coordinated the preparation of this report produced by EFIMED (Mediterranean Regional Office of the European Forest Institute) and the CTFC (Forest Science Centre of Catalonia), in the framework of the project "Optimising the production of goods and services by Mediterranean woodland ecosystems in a context of global change".
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Integrated regional assessments in support of ICZM in the Mediterranean and Black Sea Basins

This publication is intended to provide guidance to a number of actors on how to promote integrated approaches in the assessment of coastal and marine ecosystems to develop strategies and plan for their sustainable management.
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Ecological services provided by wetlands on climate change adaptation

This report is the first step of Plan bleu’s project launched in 2013 – in partnership with Tour du Valat - on the economic valuation of ecological services provided by wetlands in conjunction with climate change in the Mediterranean Basin. The overall goal of this project – through the valorization of services provided by wetlands – is to facilitate taking into consideration these ecosystems in national climate change adaptation policies or strategies.
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