Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean: State of Play and Strategic Directions


Inherent societal characteristics and the exponential development of the tourism sector are generating a need for a dedicated set of actions to be included in Strategic Directions for Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean to be implemented by regional, national and local policymakers and stakeholders under the following shared vision: "Promote sustainable Mediterranean tourism in which visitors and hosts enjoy balanced, respectful and fruitful relationships and value the unique Mediterranean environmental, human and cultural heritage, while ensuring inclusive socio-economic development, taking into account the carrying capacity of healthy natural ecosystems, and developing complementarity between various economic activities at the tourist destination level."

Promoting sustainable and inclusive tourism in the Mediterranean: Guidelines for a Sustainable Tourism in the Mediterranean


Tourism, a major economic sector in the Mediterranean, generating social and environmental impacts, and potentially victim of its success…In this complex picture, how to promote tourism activities enhancing positive impacts while reducing negative externalities? Which strategy can insure that tourism contributes significantly to Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) at regional, national and local level?

Tourism and sustainability in the Mediterranean: key facts and trends


This working document starts with a general overview on tourism activities, products, and destinations in the Mediterranean, providing with recent data analysis.

Activity report 2012


The structure of this report follows the logical framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) that was agreed by the 21 countries and the European Union during the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in Marrakesh in 2009.