Economic assessment of ecosystem services provided by Mediterranean wetlands in terms of climate regulation


The study highlights the utility and diversity of wetland functions, in particular the regulating services they provide.

Mediterranean wetlands: an economic valuation of their services to climate change adaptation and regulation


Half of all Mediterranean wetlands disappeared over the 20th century. They have declined to now only 18 million hectares. However, wetlands are home to some of the richest yet most threatened ecosystems on the planet. Wetlands provide many ecosystem services that promote human wellbeing.

Economic assessment of ecosystem services: A tool for sustainable development in the Mediterranean ?


Plan Bleu addressed this question as part of its assessments in order to come to more informed sustainable development policy decisions. These assessments cover various geographic levels (from local to regional) and different environments, such as marine, coastal and forest ecosystems.

Forest and water: an integrated management crucial to cope with global changes in the Mediterranean region


Forests use water. And forests provide water. This relationship between forests and water provokes debate among scientists, land managers, and policy makers. The stakes are particularly high in the Mediterranean region already facing water shortages (especially in its southern and eastern part) or disasters related to flooding.