3rd Mediterranean Forest Week, Tlemcen (Algeria), 17-21 March 2013

03/17/2013 to 03/21/2013

3rd Mediterranean Forest WeekThe 3rd Mediterranean Forest Week, that was held from 17 to 21 March 2013 in Tlemcen (Algeria), focused on "The Mediterranean forests at the service of
sustainable development of landscapes: mitigation and adaptation strategies to cope with global changes

This regional biennial event was an opportunity for the multiple stakeholders interested in Mediterranean forests management to exchanges their expertise and experiences on various issues:

  • the vulnerability and adaptation of forest ecosystems to global changes,
  • the valuation of goods and services rendered by these ecosystems,
  • the contribution of wooded areas to rural development.

The first report on the State of Mediterranean Forest, to which Plan Bleu has contributed, was presented at this occasion. 

Based on the key recommendations adopted in the Tlemcen Declaration during its high-level segment, the future implementation of the Strategic Framework on Mediterranean Forests could be a useful regional tool to adapt national forest policies in the face of ongoing global changes which are affecting the Mediterranean region.

The week closed with the celebration of the International Day of Forests, set on 21 March by the United Nations.


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