MED Biodiversity Protection Community

MED Biodiversity Protection Community – Mainstreaming biodiversity management efforts for environmental sustainability Biodiversity Marine environment Key figures Project’s duration: November 2019 – June 2022 Other Interreg Med Programme projects Plan Bleu is also involved in 2 other projects of the Interreg Med Programme 2019-2022: Sustainable tourism community Blue Growth Community Events The first steering committee […]

Activity report 2012

The structure of this report follows the logical framework of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) that was agreed by the 21 countries and the European Union during the Conference of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in Marrakesh in 2009. This framework is shared by the coordinating unit based in Athens and the regional […]

Guidelines for national Economic and Social Analysis of Mediterranean marine ecosystems

This report results from the work conducted by the Plan Bleu as part of the initial economic and social analysis of the EcAp project, Ecosystem Approach for the Management of human activities, coordinated by the Coordinating Unit of the MAP. It is intended to provide guidance to national authorities of Mediterranean countries in charge to […]

Economic and social analysis of marine and coastal ecosystems in the Mediterranean

A growing perception of the crucial role of marine and coastal ecosystems in the supply of goods and services that contribute to present and future human wellbeing and a recognition of the impact of human activities on these ecosystems have inspired the fight to protect them. The social and economic analysis of ecosystem services and […]

EcAP Science-Policy Interface (SPI) Brief

Achieving the Good Environmental Status of the Mediterranean marine and coastal ecosystems – this is the goal of the Ecosystem Approach, a strategy initiated by the Barcelona Convention UNEP/MAP. The success of this approach will largely depend on how well scientists and decision makers interact in monitoring and assessing the status of ecosystems to elaborate […]

Science-policy interfaces for environmental governance in the Mediterranean

Science-policy interfaces (SPIs) are tools that can be used to improve environmental conservation and management in the Mediterranean region. However, in order to do so, a shared understanding of the concept needs to be established, and current gaps need to be identified. This document is based on the work of several institutions, including Plan Bleu, […]

Science-Policy Interface (SPI) to support monitoring implementation plans as well as sub-regional and regional policy developments regarding EcAp clusters on pollution, contaminants & eutrophication, marine biodiversity & fisheries, coast & hydrography

This new report provides Mediterranean stakeholders with key recommendations and conclusions that emerge from three workshops to support the roadmap for the implementation of Ecosystem Approach (EcAp) and of Integrated Monitoring and Assessment Programme of the Mediterranean Sea and Coast (IMAP) decision by strengthening SPI.

Joint Workshop on Science Policy Interface (SPI) strengthening and Ecosystem Approach Coordination Group Meeting on IMAP scales of monitoring and assessment, including the next QSR


The meeting, that was held in Nice on 27th and 28th April 2017, allowed to share best practices, to present efforts of Contracting Parties for IMAP implementation at national scales, to encourage discussion and meeting recommendations regarding elaboration of efficient spatial and temporal scales for monitoring and assessment.