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Wetland Ecosystem Services Value Advocacy Paper

Context and objectives

Half of all Mediterranean wetlands disappeared over the 20th century. They have declined to now only 18 million hectares (Mediterranean Wetlands Observatory). However, wetlands are home to some of the richest yet most threatened ecosystems on the planet. Wetlands provide many ecosystem services that promote human wellbeing, including regulating services (e.g. water purification, flood control), provisioning services (e.g. fishing, irrigation, raw materials) or cultural services (e.g. recreational or educational services). Coastal wetlands are key solutions for helping us to manage extreme events like floods and storms. In addition, they can store 10-20 times more carbon than temperate or boreal forests on land. Increasing carbon stock and sequestration potentials must be considered a strong co‐benefit of wetland habitat restoration, and increasing the pace and scale of wetland restoration is a valuable investment providing both immediate carbon sequestration value and long‐term carbon storage among several other ecosystem service returns in the Mediterranean and beyond. It is therefore crucial that we urgently work to preserve Mediterranean coastal wetlands.


Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection community (MBPC)

From 2016 to 2019, the Interreg MED PANACeA project was implemented in the Mediterranean to streamline management efforts in Protected Areas for enhanced biodiversity conservation in the Mediterranean. The second phase of this project, the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community (MBPC), is a horizontal project focusing on “maintaining biodiversity and natural ecosystems through strengthening the management and networking of protected areas”, running from 2019 to 2022. The MPBC is building on PANACeA’s achievements to increase the impact of its modular projects concerning:

  1. Synthesising and transferring outcomes on ecosystem protection efforts;
  2. Engaging a stakeholder community & transferring knowledge beyond the community and the project´s lifetime;
  3. Enhancing its communication & dissemination strategy;
  4. Developing a long-term capitalization tool ensuring evidence-based policy enforcement.

PANACeA’s Modular Projects can be consulted here, and the MBPC’s Modular Projects can be consulted here. The MBPC recently welcomed two more projects: AMARE+ and FISHMPABLUE2+. The MBPC is coordinated by the European Topic Centre of the University of Malaga (ETC-UMA), and 

Plan Bleu/RAC leads the MBPC’s Capitalisation Work Package by:

  • Developing a strategy and action plan for capitalisation activities; 
  • Systematising knowledge capitalisation & mainstreaming events; 
  • Liaising tools and recommendations for transformative changes;
  • Mainstreaming the efforts of the Adriatic-Ionian region in improving the status of biodiversity.

These Terms of Reference concern the production of a Wetland Ecosystem Services Value Advocacy Paper (provisional title). This advocacy paper is part of the MBPC’s foreseen liaising tools and recommendations, and is a MBPC capitalisation deliverable. It will highlight the importance of wetlands conservation and restoration undertaken in collaboration with key stakeholders, as well as help decision-makers and local communities to foster the conservation and restoration of wetland ecosystems in the Mediterranean. It will notably capitalise on the results of the MBPC community and associated Modular Projects (especially WETNET and TUNE UP, which are dealing with wetland ecosystems and Marine Protected Areas) but also on other projects results such as the MAVA Foundation funded project ‘Strengthening the restoration of Mediterranean wetlands for nature and people’. Furthermore, this advocacy paper will capitalise on the work done by ETC-UMA, which produced a report namedCarbon pools and sequestration potential of wetlands in the European Union”, and a second report which is in the process of being finalised and that focuses on a Mediterranean wide wetland ecosystem mapping


Objectives and content of the service provided

The objective of the present call for applicants is to select an expert to produce an advocacy paper (6 pages maximum) to assess the relative importance of ecosystem services provided by wetlands at the Mediterranean scale, highlighting the importance of conservation and restoration of wetlands. It will also include recommendations related to priority actions for improving the condition of Mediterranean wetlands.

This work will build on the above mentioned reports, the MBPC’s capitalisation events and mainstreaming activities of the project, and documenting stakes associated with key ecosystem services in marine and coastal sensitive areas.


Deliverables and calendar

The expert is expected to start working beginning of February 2022 and conclude its work by 30th March 2022. The following section describes the estimated workload.



Literature review, incl. analysis of outputs/deliverables produced by MBPC projects

End of February 2022

Table of contents proposed to Plan Bleu for validation

1st week of March 2022

Draft version of the advocacy paper

Mid-March 2022

Production of a final advocacy paper, taking into account feedback from MBPC partners

End of March 2022

Work organization

Each of the above described steps will be validated by Plan Bleu. Regular calls and meetings with Plan Bleu will be planned during the activities development to ensure a smooth development of the tasks and that the results are adapted to the needs. The consultant will have to exchange with all BPC’s partners/organizations when necessary. The layout of the report will be handled by MBPC Partner Latte Creative, according to the visual identity of the Interreg Med MBPC project. The consultant will be supervised by Gloria Lázaro, Programme Officer, glazaro@planbleu.org


Contractual and financial terms

The acceptance of the offer of the successful tender will implicate the acceptation of the conditions and schedules detailed in this ToR. A duly-issued invoice will be required for payment at the presentation of the final document. The payment term for the invoice will be by bank transfer 15 days after the invoice date (bank account details should be detailed). The tax legislation in force at the date of acceptance of the offer will be applied.


Intellectual property

In the spirit of cooperation and exchange, the ownership of the work covered by the contract related to this ToR is open to the public and free of rights. The deliverables and results of the project should be accessible and available for free to the general public in a usable format. The authorship of the work covered by the contract related to this ToR is co-shared between the author and the MBPC project partners.


Selection of the expert

  • Masters or PhD or equivalent degree in policy and/or environmental studies
  • Previous relevant experience in drafting report or policy documents towards Mediterranean policy-makers
  • Previous relevant experience on biodiversity matters
  • Experience in the Mediterranean region strongly desired and a good knowledge of actors and governance processes in Mediterranean countries
  • Strong conceptual and synthesis ability combined with good writing and communication skills
  • Ability to mobilize information and existing knowledge in an efficient way
  • Relevant project and publications references
  • Fluency in English as well as proven technical writing skills is required.

The selection of the expert will be done based on a presentation of a technical offer, an economic offer, as well as a letter of interest and a resume making reference to these Terms of Reference.


How to apply

The acceptance of the offer of the successful tender will implicate the acceptation of the conditions and schedules detailed in this ToR. The expert is expected to start working beginning of February 2022 and conclude its work by 30th March

Applications must be submitted no later than 21st January 2022. Applications must be submitted through Plan Bleu website: www.planbleu.org and by e-mail at: cdubreuil@planbleu.org and glazaro@planbleu.org 

Applications must contain a technical offer, an economic offer (in Euros), as well as a letter of interest and a resume making reference to these Terms of Reference. The budget for this consultancy should be around 7,500 Euros (VAT included). Proposals with amounts larger than this should be clearly justified.

Additional information required for consultancy firm:

  • Certificate of incorporation or other legal proof of your company’s registration, delivered from the appropriate authority in your country (incl. fiscal number)
  • Kbis extract issued within the last 3 months for French companies

Additional information required for individual consultants:

  •  Registration certificate to the Directory of Enterprises and Institution
  • Document or Certificate stating the right to practice this profession (e.g. registration certificate) delivered from the appropriate authority in your country (incl. fiscal number)

 For any questions related to this call for applicants please contact:

Ms Gloria Lazaro, Programme officer, Plan Bleu

E-mail: glazaro@planbleu.org 



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