Appel d'offre

Two consultants to update the Climagine methodology

To undertake:

Short technical reports on the update of the Climagine methodology with a view to its upcoming application in the context of the GEF MedProgramme.

Context and objectives

The Imagine and resulting Climagine methodologies were applied in two coastal settings from 2012 to 2015: Šibenik-Knin County (Croatia) and the Kerkennah Archipelago (Tunisia). These pilot implementations provided valuable lessons learnt and recommendations regarding the improvement of the methodology and its application in the future.

Indeed, several Climagine implementations are foreseen within the context of the GEF MedProgramme (2021-2025). The methodology will inform the elaboration of two coastal plans in the Tangiers-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region (Morocco) and in Kotor Bay (Montenegro) as well as the preparation of the Integrated Management Plan of the Damour region (Lebanon). Climagine will also inform the elaboration of two national ICZM strategies in Lebanon and Egypt. All of the Climagine activities will be delivered by Plan Bleu in close collaboration with PAP/RAC in the framework of this programme over the coming years.

To ensure that Climagine achieves the most tangible results within the MedProgramme, Plan Bleu is seeking to gather the insights obtained from previous applications in the methodology to further update and improve the methodology.


Task description

The consultants will be tasked with the production of short, Climagine update reports based on:

a) the previous implementations of the Climagine methodology;

b) the presentations, outcomes and recommendations of the Climagine update technical meeting that took place on 15 February, 2021;

c) the framing questions and indications laid out in these ToR;

d) the Medpartnership Integrative Methodological Framework (Section 2)

Length : 10 pages

Language : English

Format : PDF and Word

The report should focus on translating lessons learnt from Climagine’s application in Croatia and Tunisia into a set of concrete methodological and operational recommendations for the future, suggestions on how Climagine can best target and engage key stakeholders before and during the method’s application using in-person and virtual means, and what the main gaps in the method and the application currently are.


Work assessment

One month after the launch of the assignment, short drafts of the reports will be provided to Plan Bleu, who will review and provide comments on this draft in collaboration with PAP/RAC. The consultants will be asked to integrate these suggestions into the final report, which should be sent to Plan Bleu by 10 May 2021 .



The total duration of the contract is two months , with the following key dates:

  • 10th March Beginning of both assignments and inception call with Plan Bleu and PAP/RAC to review the ToRs and clarify any outstanding issues.
  • 10th April Reception by Plan Bleu of a first draft of the reports.
  • 17th April Plan Bleu and PAP/RAC revert back to the consultants with comments on the first draft of the reports.
  • 10th May Reception by Plan Bleu of the final version of the reports in English.

Contacts at Plan Bleu:

● Antoine Lafitte, alafitte@planbleu.org

● Michael Karner: mkarner@planbleu.org

The final proofreading, layout and design of the reports will be delivered by Plan Bleu.

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