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Graphic designer – MedECC

Graphic design – Assistance to the scientific Secretariat of MedECC
(network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change)


1. Context and general objectives

The network of Mediterranean Experts on Climate and environmental Change (MedECC) was launched in 2015. It is an open and independent international scientific expert network. Plan Bleu, one the Regional Activity Centres of the Mediterranean Action Plan (MAP) of United Nations Environment Programme (UNEP) and the Union for the Mediterranean (UfM) jointly support MedECC in the frame of their agreement. Plan Bleu hosts the scientific Secretariat of MedECC in Marseille.

The MedECC published in November 2020 the 1st Mediterranean Assessment Report (MAR1) on the risks associated with climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean. MAR1 assesses the available scientific knowledge on climate and environmental change and associated risks in the Mediterranean Basin in order to render it accessible to policymakers, stakeholders and citizens. This report was prepared by 190 scientists from 25 countries. The report includes a Summary for Policymakers (SPM), which comprises the key messages of the MAR1. MedECC was awarded the North-South Prize 2020 of the Council of Europe. Presently, MedECC works on Special Reports on some key issues identified during the preparation of MAR1. 

In order to better communicate on the results of MAR1, MedECC is seeking to improve its communication tools. The objective of the mission described in the current terms of reference is to support MedECC Coordinators, Coordinating Lead Authors of MAR1 and Scientific Secretariat in developing the communication tools for MedECC. 

The consultant will complete the following activities, following the graphic charter of MedECC:

  • preparing the infographic presenting the MedECC (based on the elements provided by the MedECC Secretariat) ;
  • preparing 5 infographics on different aspects of climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean reflecting the main messages of the MAR1 report (for example: drivers of change, impacts on ecosystems, impacts on human societies…). Draft content to include in the infographics will be provided by the MedECC Secretariat and discussed with the consultant in order to choose together the messages which have an expected impact in terms of communication. The infographics will be declined in three languages (English, French and Arabic). Translated texts will be provided by the MedECC Secretariat.;

These activities will follow the graphic charter of MedECC, while contributing to the development and improvement of the design and layout of MedECC’s publications. 


2. Deliverables

The deliverables will be:

  • 1 infographic presenting the MedECC 
  • 5 infographics in three languages on different aspects of climate and environmental change in the Mediterranean (in three  languages : french, english, arabic) 
  • 2 extra infographics depending on the evolution (in three languages : french, english, arabic)

The consultant will work in a close collaboration with the MedECC Coordinators, Coordinating Lead Authors and MedECC Scientific Secretariat.


3. Qualifications

The qualifications of the consultant should be as follows:

  • University diploma in graphic design / communication,
  • Advanced computer skills and strong capabilities in design software such as Adobe Creative Suite (Illustrator, Photoshop, and InDesign); own access to design software,
  • Ability to develop graphics/illustrations, icons and infographics,
  • Confirmed experience in graphical design for environmental sciences,
  • Ability to execute tasks in a timely manner and demonstrated ability to manage multiple projects simultaneously,
  • Strong creativity skills and ability to generate new ideas,
  • Proven ability to develop effective communication products and strong attention to detail,
  • Very good level of English (written and spoken).



4. Remuneration and venue

The consultant should be self-employed. The remuneration could not exceed 5000 € (Five thousand EUROS, VAT included). The MedECC Secretariat is based in Marseille (France). However, the work of the consultant will be done through telework. 


5. Intellectual property and ownership of the texts

All documents elaborated by the Consultant will be provided to MedECC/Plan Bleu in electronic format (PDF) and also in vector format (indesign ou illustrator). The documents produced in the context of this contract will be the shared property of MedECC/Plan Bleu. MedECC/Plan Bleu reserves the right to mention or not the name of the Consultant at the time of publication, or for any use of the document – the whole or part of the document – , handed over to MedECC/Plan Bleu. Any further use by the consultant shall be subject to prior approval. 


6. Application

The applications should include:

  • Curriculum Vitae (CV),
  • Cover letter,
  • A financial offer,
  • The SIRET number or other business identification number (depending on countries’ legislation),
  • Examples of past works in line with tasks described in the current terms of reference, in particular graphical design for environmental sciences,
  • Names and contacts of up to three reference persons, to be potentially contacted in the context of the application. 



Interested ? Send your application to marini@medecc.org  and planbleu@planbleu.org

 on the 8th of October 2021 the latest.

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