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Expert(s) for socio-economic analyses of measures aimed at protecting the coastal and marine environment in the Mediterranean

To undertake:

Socio-economic analyses of MPA development in the Mediterranean: investigating protection levels and the potential extension to reach a 30% coverage


Context and objectives

Plan Bleu has received funding from the Barcelona Convention – Mediterranean Trust fund to support the socio-economic evaluation of measures in regional strategies and action plans and intends to use part of this funding for the execution of the present terms of reference. The EU-funded project MEDREGION aims to support the implementation of the Marine Strategy Framework Directive (MSFD) in the Mediterranean and includes a task on socio-economic analysis of measures, led by Plan Bleu. The assignment described in the present terms of reference will be an additional support to Plan Bleu’s work on this subject, usefully providing additional input to MEDREGION.

The objective of this assignment is to conduct literature review and analysis as well as further study to provide insights on costs and benefits of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean depending on the level of protection. Plan Bleu invites interested individual consultants, consulting firms or associations of consultants, further referred to as “The Consultant”, to answer to the call for applicants to conduct the tasks described in the present terms of reference.

Task description

The expected tasks are the following:

1. Prepare and attend a Kick-off meeting (1-2 hours) with Plan Bleu upon contract signature, to agree on workplan, general analysis methodology for the tasks of this assignment, and collaboration modalities between the Consultant and Plan Bleu;

2. Complete the literature review conducted by Plan Bleu of existing studies/work on socio-economic analysis, including cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and/or multi-criteria analyses with regard to the designation and implementation of Marine Protected Areas (MPAs) in the Mediterranean; or in other regions of the world if information can be made relevant for the Mediterranean via transfer techniques.

3. Prepare and attend an intermediary meeting (1-2 hours) with Plan Bleu to agree on the criteria to be applied to the regrouping exercise mentioned in task 4.

4. Based on task 1, complete the work done by Plan Bleu on regrouping existing socio-economic analyses of MPAs depending on the level of protection, so as to be able to compare costs and benefits of the different levels of protection of MPAs in the Mediterranean.

5. Prepare and attend a second intermediary meeting (2 hours) with Plan Bleu to discuss the results from task 4 and the analysis methodology for task 6.

6. Based on tasks 1, 2 and 5; conduct sensitivity analysis to determine to what extent the level and type of protection of an MPA influences the outcomes of their cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and multi-criteria analysis.

7. Prepare and attend a third intermediary meeting (1-2 hours) with Plan Bleu to discuss results from task 6 and analysis methodology for task 8.

8. In an exploratory study, using available literature and via extrapolation and transfer techniques or other as relevant and as may have been identified under task 7, explore cost-effectiveness, cost-benefit and/or multi-criteria analysis, as relevant, of the current MPA coverage of the Mediterranean Sea of close to 10% and a potential coverage of 30% and provide elements of answers to the questions: (i) what are incremental costs and benefits linked to a potential extension of MPA coverage in the Mediterranean from the current close to 10% to 30% by 2030 (cf EU Biodiversity Strategy)? (ii) how does the level and type of protection impact the outcomes of this analysis – potential scenarios of costs and benefits of different levels of protection with a focus on the MPAs’ interactions with other human activities and well-being?

The Consultant will work in close cooperation with the Plan Bleu programme officer in charge of environmental economics. The estimated workload to complete the assignment described in the present terms of reference is 15 days.


How to apply

  • Applications must be submitted no later than 12 January 2021.
  • Applications must be submitted on www.planbleu.org, and transmitted via e-mail to:

Ms. Lina TODE (may also be contacted for technical questions with regard to this assignment) : ltode@planbleu.org

And Ms. Sandra DULBECCO : sdulbecco@planbleu.org

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