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Consultant : Elaborate guidelines for the sustainability of cruises and recreational boating in the Mediterranean region

Context and objectives

This consultancy work is part of Capitalization activities developed in the framework of Blue Growth community project, an Interreg Med horizontal project approved in 2019 for 3 years.

Blue Growth project’s main objective is to facilitate the development of a sustainable Blue economy in the Mediterranean Region. Blue Growth, after laying the foundations of a strong community during the project’s first phase (InnoBlueGrowth project, 2016-2019), comes now to its capitalization phase. It will assist and coordinate the modular/integrated projects dealing with Blue Growth in their communication and capitalization activities, creating and ensuring internal (inter-community) and external synergies, knowledge sharing, transfer and capitalization for policy-making project recommendations take-on by key stakeholders (projects, SMEs, decision-makers, technicians, researchers, etc.).

This consultancy work consists in developing Guidelines for the sustainability of cruises and recreational boating in the Mediterranean region, based on outputs produced by specific modular projects from three Interreg Med communities dealing with cruise and yachting (Blue Growth Community, the Sustainable Tourism Community and the Mediterranean Biodiversity Protection Community).



The consultancy will be carried out by a consultant who will have to present a Curriculum Vitae and an expression of interest presenting his proven capabilities in response to this call for applications, accompanied by a financial offer.

The expression of interest must specify the technical proposal showing the good appropriation of the subject by the consultant.

The following criteria will be determining for the selection of the consultant:

  • Previous relevant experience in drafting report or policy documents
  • Previous relevant experience on blue economy matters
  • Experience in the Mediterranean region strongly desired and a good knowledge of actors and governance processes in Mediterranean countries
  • Strong conceptual and synthesis ability combined with good writing and communication skills in English

The expert must indicate in his offer his SIRET number or any other form of identification suitable for a consultancy activity according to the tax legislation of his country of residence.

Offers must be sent by Friday 22nd January 2021 at the latest through Plan Bleu website and by email to Dr Céline Dubreuil, programme officer: cdubreuil@planbleu.org

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