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Consultancy – Preparation of a baseline study to appraise coastal adaptation interventions in Mediterranean coastal hotspots Boka Kotorska Bay, Montenegro and the Tanger- Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, Morocco

1. Context and objectives

1.1. The GEF MedProgramme

The Mediterranean Sea Programme: Enhancing Environmental Security (MedProgramme) is a 43 million USD assortment of seven child projects funded by the Global Environment Facility, with more than 100 coordinated actions at the regional and national levels in the 2021-2025 period. The MedProgramme aims to kick start the implementation of priority actions to reduce the major transboundary environmental stresses affecting the Mediterranean Sea and its coastal areas, while strengthening climate resilience and water security and improving the health and livelihoods of coastal populations. UNEP/MAP is its executing agency, and partners in execution include UNESCO/IHP, EIB, IUCN Med, GWP Med, WWF Mediterranean and the UNEP/MAP Regional Activity Centres Plan Bleu/RAC, PAP/RAC, SCP/RAC and SPA/RAC. Its ten beneficiary countries are Albania, Algeria, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Egypt, Libya, Lebanon, Morocco, Montenegro, Tunisia and Turkey.

This consultancy contract concerns the MedProgramme SCCF (Special Climate Change Fund) Project: Enhancing regional climate change adaptation in the Mediterranean Marine and Coastal Areas, which specifically focuses on two coastal hotspots: the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region, Morocco and Boka Kotorska Bay, Montenegro.

1.2. Consultancy tasks 

This contract comprises activities to be undertaken from July until the end of December 2022.  All deliverables will be in English and comprise:

Task Remarks Deliverables and deadlines
  1. Attend two dedicated participatory Climagine workshops on coastal adaptation solutions in Kotor, Montenegro and the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima Region 
The consultant will attend both workshops and support Plan Bleu in preparing 2 workshop sessions on economic analysis methods for coastal adaptation solutions. The sessions will aid the participants in understanding these economic analysis methods with a view to identifying the most important coastal adaptation solutions to implement in their respective regions. 

Both workshops will be preceded by MedProgramme CP 2.1. Plan Bleu Climagine workshops in support of the development of Coastal Plans for both hotspots, led by PAP/RAC. The consultant is also invited to attend these workshops – the one in Montenegro will take place on 4 July 2022.

Workshop in Kotor, Montenegro (5 July 2022)

Workshop in the Tanger-Tetouan-Al Hoceima region (location tbc), Morocco (second half of September 2022)

  1. Prepare a baseline study to appraise selected adaptation interventions identified during the workshops. Compare and prioritize the adaptation interventions identified during the workshops in order to select key intervention (s) to be submitted to a full cost-benefit analysis. 
Adaptation options can usually be categorised into (i) increasing adaptive capacity; (ii) reducing vulnerability to climate risks; and (iii) reducing exposure to a given climate risk. In turn, sector prioritisation can use multiple methods including (i) economic, least cost or cost-benefit analysis; (ii) multi-criteria analysis and (iv) scenario analysis.

Since economic analysis does not yield any insights into the political, legal, social, environmental, or cultural acceptability of the options, and in order to compare and prioritize the interventions, the consultant will be asked to develop a simple multi-criteria analysis model to this end. The latter will include key aspects to include developed by the project partners, and based on the outcomes of MedProgramme activities in the hotspots up until now: PAP/RAC Coastal Plan development and Plan Bleu Climagine workshops and climate risk assessments. This will lay the foundations for more comprehensive analyses, to be undertaken by the project partners in 2023. 

This baseline analysis should also indicate what data/information is needed to realise a full cost-benefit analysis of the selected adaptation options, whether such data exists. The project team and partners will support the consultant in comparing and prioritizing the interventions in order to determine which intervention(s) should be submitted to a full cost-benefit analysis. 

Montenegrin cases: 15 October 2022

Moroccan cases: 31 October 2022

  1. Prepare a summary report.
This report will contain:

  1. a brief overview of these activities in the context of the GEF MedProgramme and an overview of the two coastal hotspots in terms of climate change vulnerability and potential adaptation approaches;
  2. the multi-criteria analyses of the workshop adaptation interventions that were submitted to the model described in Task 2;
  3. the baseline assessment, comprising initial information to develop cost-benefit analyses of the selected interventions, which will be further built on by the project partners in 2023.
15 December 202


This contract notably involves the articulation of these outputs’ deliverables to several other ongoing MedProgramme Child Project 2.1 and SCCF activities in both coastal hotspots. The selected consultant will receive a full briefing on these activities as well as a bibliography during an inception call with Plan Bleu at the beginning of the contract. Furthermore, the consultant will collaborate as necessary with PAP/RAC, which is hiring sectoral experts to work on coastal adaptation solutions among other topics until mid-2023, as well as the other SCCF Project Executing Partner, GWP-Med.

Finally, one of the key pillars of the MedProgramme is gender, as established in the MedProgramme Gender Mainstreaming Strategy. A gender lens will be applied to all project deliverables to ensure that gender aspects are adequately covered. When applicable, the benefits of the adaptation interventions in terms of gender should also be covered. More generally, the report should bear in mind how women and men are participating in coastal activities, their different priorities and needs, how they are differently affected by climate risks and how they can enhance their resilience to climate change.


2. Assessment Criteria

  • Excellent working knowledge of English in written and spoken form
  • Knowledge of Montenegrin, Arabic or French a clear advantage
  • University degree in environmental economics or related fields
  • At least 10 years of professional experience, preferably on economic analysis of climate change impacts and coastal adaptation in the Mediterranean region (please provide examples of your work if possible)
  • Prior relevant experience in conducting cost-benefit analyses of coastal climate change adaptation solutions 


3. Payment and Funding

Funding for these activities is secured through both GEF funding and co-financing from Plan Bleu and other Executing Partners of the MedProgramme. The consultant will work closely with the SCCF Project Coordinator at Plan Bleu, Michael Karner (mkarner@planbleu.org).


4. How to apply

The expected length of this mission is from June to December 2022, with a maximum length of 25 days. To apply, kindly send a CV and a cover letter to mkarner@planbleu.org, as well as a financial offer containing your VAT number and detailing how and when you plan to accomplish the tasks detailed in these Terms of Reference. The financial offer must be submitted in USD and contain VAT.

This consultation can be carried out by an individual consultant or a group of consultants. The final selection of the candidate may require an interview that will take place online. The evaluation will be based on the best bidder principle, with 75% of the score based on technical criteria and 25% on financial criteria. Acceptance of successful bids will imply acceptance of the conditions and timetables detailed in these Terms of Reference. A duly issued invoice will be required for payment upon presentation of the final deliverables. 

Travel and accommodation costs related to this mission will be covered separately by Plan Bleu. 


The deadline to apply by sending the full offer to mkarner@planbleu.org is 30 June 2022.


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