Assistance technique pour la réduction de la pollution industrielle au Liban

The specific objective of the consultancy is to provide further technical assistance with regards to industrial pollution abatement activities, to cover the following activities:

  • Support in the preparation of fact sheets based on a rapid audit for newly identified industries which indicated their interest in borrowing through LEPAP for the adoption of pollution abatement technologies and which have not been covered under the TA assessment of EFL of 2012;
  • Conduct rapid audit and ensure that the results of the audits are included in existing fact sheets and detailed technical notes. Otherwise, complete additionally required information including monitoring programs and refining of information to define the best industrial abatement technologies and options;
  • Define detailed technical design/specs for the identification of needed pollution abatement technologies/equipment;
  • Review tender documents for those enterprises that have already prepared their tenders to ensure that they follow the World Bank procurement guidelines and assist in the preparation of new tender documents for those enterprises that are willing to borrow from LEPAP. 
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Mardi, 26 Mars, 2013
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LDK Consultants-EDESSA
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