Call for applicants: Expert on Industrial Emissions Indicators

Plan Bleu is looking for an expert on Industrial Emissions Indicators for the preparation and the finalization of the section of the Joint Horizon 2020 Assessment Report on Industrial Emissions. This consultancy assignment deals mainly with preparation and finalization of the Joint H2020 Assessment Report, providing support to project-eligible countries to complete their obligations as defined under signed legal instruments.

The total duration of the assignment will be 3 months over 5 months. The assignment will start in September 2019 and all reports must be fully completed by 30 January 2020. The contribution of the Consultant is estimated to be 66 days (non-consecutive).

The selection of the expert(s) will be done based on a presentation of a detailed letter of interest making reference to these Terms of Reference, CV and relevant reference work.

Applications must be submitted as soon as possible before August 18th 2019.

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