Tackling Marine Litter in the Mediterranean: Knowledge & Tools

The MED Biodiversity Protection Community, featured by PANACeA project, whose Plan Bleu is a partner, just published a report on marine litter in the Mediterranean, that was presented at the International Forum Marlice 2019 on marine litter and circular economy,  organized in Seville, Spain, on 10-12 April 2019.

This report "Tackling Marine Litter in the Mediterranean: Knowledge & Tools" aims to synthesise and showcase the contribution of the Biodiversity Protection Community projects and other Interreg MED projects on the development and/or refinement of marine litter assessment and management tools, giving special emphasis to the tools that can be applied in Mediterranean MPAs. Moreover, it identifies current gaps in knowledge and management, advancing recommendations for further action for both EU and Mediterranean policymakers, governance mechanisms and funding instruments.

Two Factsheets are also available: "Marine litter and biodiversity interactions in the Mediterranean Sea" and "Tackling Marine Litter in the Mediterranean: Knowledge and Tools".