Assessment of the socio-economic value of the goods and services provided by Mediterranean forest ecosystems. Regional synthesis


The forests of these countries contribute to combating poverty, the socio-economic development of rural areas, food security, and cultural and recreational heritage. However, these studies are important because forest management strategies do not necessarily seek to optimise the value of forest goods and services, whether locally by local users, nationally by other economic sectors that benefit from them, or internationally by international carbon credit funds.

Guide pratique pour la mise en oeuvre d’une gestion participative et durable des espaces boisés dans les pays du Maghreb


Ce guide vise à mettre à la disposition des gestionnaires forestiers, un outil pratique pour la mise en oeuvre d’actions concrètes de gestion forestière en lien étroit avec les usagers et l’ensemble des parties prenantes sur le terrain.

Towards a multi-scale coastal risk index for the Mediterranean


The Mediterranean region is a climate change “hot-spot”. Investigating the role of climate and non-climate drivers on coastal zones is vital to understand the underlying risks and identify appropriate response measures. The multi-scale coastal risk index methodology proposed allows a scientifically sound detection of the coastal hot-spots.