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BleuTourMed MidTerm Conference: Re-connecting tourism: Promoting evidence based policies for sustainable development

05/29/2018 to 05/30/2018

The Midterm Conference, organized by BleuTourMed project in Rome (Italy) on 29-30 May 2018, is the first capitalization event of the MED Sustainable Tourism Community. The conference aimed to present the state-of-play of the implementation of the projects involved in the community and to discuss the preliminary recommendation of the Med Community coming from the projects’ first results.

Empowering the Mediterranean Community : tools for Ecosystem-based Management

05/16/2018 to 05/18/2018

The seminar, that was held in Podgorica, Montenegro, on 16-17 May 2018, aimed to highlight and transfer practical methodologies and tools developed by current EU and Mediterranean research, management and policy projects to stimulate a Euro-Mediterranean technical and political debate on latest strategies and tools for ecosystem-based management and biodiversity conservation.

2nd ENI-SEIS II South workshop on indicators

04/17/2018 to 04/18/2018

Plan Bleu, in cooperation with European Environment Agency (EEA) and Mediterranean Action Plan organized the 2nd ENI-SEIS II South workshop on indicators on 17-18 April 2018 in Athens, Greece. This second workshop aimed to present in more details indicators methodological aspects, data availability, data gaps, corresponding data flows and infrastructures through hands-on thematic sessions and sharing of experiences and of best practices while with these indicators.

3rd Mediterranean Water Forum

01/22/2018 to 01/24/2018

Milestone along the preparation of the Mediterranean Region participation in the 8th World Water Forum (Brasilia, Brazil, 18-23 March 2018), the 3rd edition of the Mediterranean Water Forum was held on 22 and 24 January 2018 in Cairo, Egypt. Plan Bleu co-organized the Session "water and climate change" held in the afternoon of Tuesday, 23 January 2018.

Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award: The winner is the city of Izmir!

12/17/2017 to 12/20/2017

The “Istanbul Environment Friendly City Award” was conferred to Izmir (Turkey) during the high-level session of the 20th Meeting of the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention which is being held in Tirana, Albania, on 17-20 December 2017.

Workshop "Which major marine and coastal issues in the Mediterranean region? Data and trends"

12/12/2017 to 12/13/2017

In the framework of the writing of the chapter on the marine and coastal issues of the new report on the State of the Environment and Development in the Mediterranean, Plan Bleu organized a workshop "Which major marine and coastal issues in the Mediterranean region? Data and trends" on 12th-13th of December 2017, at Campus du développement (ex CEFEB) of AFD in Marseille, France. The objective was to establish a group of around thirty thematic experts from international, Mediterranean but also national and local institutions, in order to contribute to the drafting of this chapter.

PANACeA's knowledge sharing event: "Bridging the Science-Practice-Policy Interface in Biodiversity Protection"

10/23/2017 to 10/25/2017

On October 23rd and 24th 2017, an open event will gather in Barcelona the members of PANACeA and the 9 modular projects of the MED Community on Biodiversity Protection, as well as relevant stakeholders of the Mediterranean Region involved in biodiversity protection.

Regional Workshop on human impacts on Mediterranean marine ecosystems and the economy

10/18/2017 to 10/19/2017

Plan Bleu and Scientific Centre of Monaco co-organized in the Oceanographic Museum of Monaco, on 18-19 October 2017, a regional workshop that aimed to determine the drivers of ecological stressors which are specific to the Mediterranean Sea and their economic impacts.

Conference on the yachting sector in the Mediterranean, Marseille, 11-12th October 2017

10/11/2017 to 10/12/2017

Plan Bleu co-organized with partners from the InnoBlueGrowth project an international conference entitled “New trends for the yachting sector in the Mediterranean area”, which took place on 11-12th of October in Marseilles, France. Participants, among them decision makers and entrepreneurs from the region and abroad, were able to meet experts on the yachting sector and exchange best practices, while getting more knowledge on the importance of the Interreg Blue Growth Community launched last year by the InnoBlueGrowth project.

BleuTourMed 2nd Community Building Event "Making tourism more sustainable: Sharing methodologies for a joint action"

10/04/2017 to 10/05/2017

This event organised by the MED Sustainable Tourism Community in Athens from 4 to 5 of October 2017, will gather the members of the 14 projects of the Community together with BleuTourMed project partners. The objective is to harmonise activities in terms of developing common approaches and strategies and testing approaches through pilot demonstration actions.