1st Advisory Board Meeting of the project “A blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean"

07/07/2015 to 07/08/2015




In the context of the project “A blue economy for a healthy Mediterranean - Measuring, Monitoring and Promoting an environmentally sustainable economy in the Mediterranean region” founded by the Fondation MAVA, Plan Bleu organized the first Advisory Board Meeting on 7-8 July 2015 in the Plan Bleu premises of Sophia-Antipolis (France).

This 18 months project aiming to “identify indicators, select tools and recommend policies to promote the "blue economy", defined as a sustainable economy in the Mediterranean valuing and protecting healthy environmental ecosystems” will be implemented by 3 Mediterranean Action Plan / Regional Activity Centres (Sustainable Consumption and Production Regional Activity Centre - SCP/RAC,  Priority Actions Programme Regional Activity Centre - PAP/RAC and Plan Bleu) with the participation of the majors stakeholders gathered in an Advisory board.



The 3 components will be implemented by the 3 Regional Activity Centres:

  • Define and monitor the environmentally sustainable economy: Plan Bleu
  • Support the implementation of an environmentally sustainable economy: SCP/RAC
  • Promote and mainstream an environmentally sustainable economy: PAP/RAC

The work of this first Advisory Board Meeting (1st AOM) focused on :

  • a concrete definition of the "Blue Economy" in the Mediterranean region
  • the monitoring process of the blue economy in the Mediterranean region in relation of the monitoring process of the Mediterranean Sustainable Development Strategy (MSSD) 
  • the improvements of the synergies with other comparable processes
List of participants
Presentation 1: Objectives of the meeting (Jean-Pierre Giraud, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 2: Overall project presentation (Jean-Pierre Giraud, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 3: Activities of the objective 1 (Jean-Pierre Giraud, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 4: Activities Objective 2 (Miquela Grimalt, SCP-RAC)
Presentation 5: Component 3 (Marko Prem, PAP-RAC)
Presentation 6: The economic and social analysis of the uses of the coastal and marine waters in the Mediterranean (Carla Murciano, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 7: Blue economy concepts (Antoine Lafitte, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 8: Blue economy project and synergies with other initiatives (Julien Le Tellier, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 9: A sustainability dashboard for the blue economy (Jean-Pierre Giraud, Plan Bleu)
Presentation 10: Blue economy monitoring (Jean-Pierre Giraud, Plan Bleu)


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