Building a sustainable Mediterranean

The Mediterranean Strategy for Sustainable Development adopted by the Contracting Parties to the Barcelona Convention in November 2005 guides Plan Bleu’s activities.

Making progress in the seven priority fields of action

The Strategy aims at making real progress in seven interdependent priority fields of action:

  • better management of water resources and demand;
  • improved rational use of energy, increased renewable energy use and mitigation of and adaptation to climate change.
  • sustainable mobility through appropriate transport management;
  • sustainable tourism as a leading economic sector;
  • sustainable agriculture and rural development;
  • sustainable urban development; and
  • sustainable management of the sea, coastal areas and marine resources.

Themes and spaces of major challenges

  • They are those most threatened by unsustainable trends. Among them, special attention should be paid to issues relating to the sea and coastal areas, which constitute the common goods of Mediterranean peoples.
  • They are crucially important areas at the economic and social levels, offering a strong potential for improvement.
  • These seven priority areas are ripe for action and demonstrate all the shortcomings in governance and integration that need to be corrected if the region is to be able to engage in a process of sustainable development.